2006 – 2010

Goldsmiths, London: Visual Anthropology PhD

Thesis – “Making Memory in a Megalopolis: A photographic ethnography of the daily life of cemeteries

in Mexico City”


2004 – 2006

Goldsmiths, London: Visual Anthropology MRes

Thesis – “Socialising the Dead: Mexico’s Monumental bodies and Deadscapes”

Research areas: Michoacan, Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca and Mexico D.F.


1993 – 1995

The School of Oriental and African Studies, London: Social Anthropology MA

Thesis – “Historical and ethnographic perspectives of photographic internal and external Worlds”


1990 – 1993

The London College of Printing, London: Photography BA (Hons)

Thesis – “The Symbiosis of Photography and Anthropology”

Research project with the Mapuche community in Chile and final dissertation with the Waso Booranas in Kenya.


Group Exhibitions


The Beloved, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan.


Visual research in the cemeteries of Mexico City: Photography, a social research method. ‘Photography as a research method’, ‘IUAES 2013 Congress’. (5-10 August, University of Manchester)


‘isiones Sobre La Muerte, VI Festival Internacional del Día de los Muertos in Mexico City, Paris, Oxford, N.Y., Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Cairo.


Zapotecs of Yayee. Death in African History Conference, CRASSH, Cambridge.


The Waso Booranas. Group exhibition, London College of Printing, London. Zapotecs of Chile, Latin American Festival, Vauxhall, London.


Solo Exhibitions


Chronicles of Dreams (夢遊), 票人票畫空間 | Piao Piao Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Installation: The Altar - I love you Abuelita (I love you my dearest Grandmother), Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan


The lost path of Waqqa, Light of the Word Gallery, Chicago, USA.


The lost path of Waqqa, The Barbican Centre, London.


Conferences, Exhibitions and Workshops





Conference Director. International Conference: Photography and Academic Research. (8-9 Sept, UCL, Institute of Archaeology (Heritage Studies), London)


Photography in social research and writing - warsztaty
Workshop and master-class, organised by the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw and Stowarzyszenie “Pracownia Etnograficzna”.


Curated exhibition and panel; Photography as a research method, ‘IUAES 2013 Congress’. (5-10 August, University of Manchester)


Selected talks


Memorialising and Commemorating the dead in Mexico City, Research Seminar, Royal Anthropological Institute. (31 Oct, London)
My grandmother is not a corpse: The human rights for the dead. (11 Feb, University of Sussex)


Material culture, magic and the Santa Muerte in the cemeteries of Mexico City. (14 Nov, LSE)



Upcoming publication

  • 'Photography and the sociomythic portrait: Extending the bonds between the living and the dead', Раздел 3, pp105-125, from the conference: What do we talk about when we talk photography? At the National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy, 11-13 декабря 2014, ГУ-ВШЭ , Москва, Россия.


  • 'Maintaining the dead in the lives of the living: Material culture and photography in the cemeteries of Mexico City', in Envisaging Death: Visual Culture and Dying, Michele Aaron (edt), pp26-49, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


  • ‘Living with the dead: Cremating and reburying the dead in a megalopolis’, in The presence of the dead in our lives, Nate Hinerman and Julia A Glahn (eds), Vol 82, pp. 139-164, Rodopi, Amsterdam, NY.
  • ‘Dancing with the dead in San Juan Yaeé’, in Relations between Image and Death: Anachronism, presence, absence. Revista Sans Soleil, ISSN (ed. digital): 2014-1874,, Spain.
  • ‘Extending current boundaries between the private, domestic and public display of mourning, love and visual culture in Mexico City’, in Social History, (May, Routledge), pp. 117-141.
  • ‘Magic and material culture in the cemeteries of a megalopolis’, Visible Religions, in Culture and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal, (March, Routledge), pp. 107-131.


  • ‘Communicating with the Dead: Social Visibility in the Cemeteries of Mexico City’, in Die Realität des Todes: Zum gegenwärtigen Wandel von Totenbildern und Erinnerungskulturen (Visibility of Death) by Dominik Groß, Christoph Schweikardt (Edts), pp.33-62, Frankfurt: Campus Verlag.


  • ‘Bailando con las ánimas de San Juan de Yaye’, in Cuartoscuro. Nov/Dec, Vol 98, pp.32-37, Mexico D.F. 


  • ‘What happens when a language dies? Balaa Xtee Guech Gulal: Shadow of the old town’, in ‘SWINDLE’, issue 13, Death and Fame, USA (photographic essay). 


  • ‘The Lost Path of Waqqa. Art and Culture. An exhibition of photographs by Marcel Reyes- Cortez’, in the New African, London.
  • ‘Drought Without Frontiers’, in Divine Word Missionaries, Vol. XXXVI, Number 2, San Francisco.
  • ‘Lost Path of Waqqa’, in The Photographic Journal. The Royal Photographic Society. Vol 134, number 3, UK.


Social documentary projects and other work experience


2004 The Zapotects of Yayee, documentary of a Zapotect community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

2003 One dream, six lives, female migrants in London, ethnographic project, UK.

1998 APA, Visual recording of daily life in Jerusalem, Israel.

1997 APA, Visual recording of the making of Havana cigars, Cuba.

1993 CAFOD, Field research with the Waso Boorana community, North East Kenya.

1992 CAFOD, Field research with the Mapuche community, Chile.

1989 – 1991 The Universe Newspaper, monthly coverage of religious festivities and celebrations.




The Royal Anthropological Institute

The Association for the Study of Death and Society

European Association of Social Anthropologist

American Anthropological Association

Society for Visual Anthropology

The Association of Photographers

The Royal Photographic Society



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