Photography as a Social Research Method, Moscow Featured

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Dec 11, 2014
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CFP: What do we talk about when we talk photography?

11-13 December 2014, Moscow, Russia

National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy

Программа международной конференции
“О чем мы говорим, когда мы говорим о фотографии”
11-13 декабря 2014, Москва, ГУ-ВШЭ
ул. Мясницкая, 20


Abstract: Photography as a Social Research Method

In current academic research photography and the use of photographs have opened the possibility for a richer and detailed level of engagement with spaces and people researchers encounter. My paper will discuss the practice and use of photography as a research method and critically look at photography as a source of evidence and memory. My paper will show how researchers can engaged with anthropology a critical forum to discus their experiences. Looking at the practice of photography as an art form in collaboration with the social sciences. Opening the possibility for ethnographers who use or wish to utilise photography to engage with the ways that theory and practice can collaborate in order for photography to engage with the phenomena of the social world, voicing the opinions and emotions of people and researchers alike. Giving greater sensitivity and richness to an ethnography and also for dissemination and analyses.

Through this paper I aim to explore how the ubiquitous photograph becomes a knowledge making practice. Photography with its sensorial and performative qualities opens interaction, creates and cultivates relationships with people. Photography has been found to stimulate and incite the emotions that bind people together. My paper will also look at how the practice and use of photographs and its limitations can open spaces and encounters of collaboration, speed the entry into the field assisting the research and participants a richer multi faceted field experience. This paper will expand the possibilities of the photographic practice and analises beyond the observational or as an illustrative source.

The Higher School of Economics

Moscow, Russia

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Marcel Reyes - Cortez

Marcel Reyes - Cortez is a Visual Anthropologist living and working in London.

As a visual anthropologist and artist, Marcel’s current research explores the fusion between photographic practice and academic research in an attempt to promote and enrich the collaboration and exchange between them.

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