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Sep 02, 2011
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The Art of Anthropology Conference, Sept 2011.

Abstract: ‘Visual research in the cemeteries of Mexico City’

My practice based visual research project explores how through daily and yearly cycles, mourners and workers develop and maintain intricate rituals involving the dead buried in the cemeteries of Mexico City. The conjoined landscapes of the living and the dead are spaces of personal and collective grief, charged with emotions, loaded with ethical and moral obstacles and obligations. In my project I set out to document meticulously through photographs as well as text the numerous ways in which the living and the dead remain connected over generations. Additionally, I explore the range of activities, labor and kills developed and performed by its gravediggers serving these intense, long-term relationships.

2-3 Sept 2011: ‘The Art of Anthropology Conference’

School of Art & Design, University of Ulster, Belfast


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Marcel Reyes - Cortez

Marcel Reyes - Cortez is a Visual Anthropologist living and working in London.

As a visual anthropologist and artist, Marcel’s current research explores the fusion between photographic practice and academic research in an attempt to promote and enrich the collaboration and exchange between them.

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