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Dec 13, 2017
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Selected as International Artist in Residence between Sep-Dec 2018 at Taipei Artist Village, Treasure Hill, Taiwan.

【2018 AIR ANNOUNCEMENT】Results of 2018 Open Call for AIR Taipei: Taipei Artist Village

"Artist in Residence Taipei program provides local and international artists with the opportunity to live and work in the context of different countries and cultures. As of the application deadline, 565 applications were received for the 2018 AIR Taipei Open Call. The results are as below:

3 Taiwanese artists were selected to perform residency at Taipei Artist Village: SHIH Yun-Yu, HUANG Chih-Cheng, CHEN Jia-Ling

11 international artists were selected to perform residency at Taipei Artist Village, Treasure Hill: Jan Lütjohann (Germany), Julien Coignet (France), Hiram Wong (Australia), Liam Morgan(Canada), Flaneur Magazine (Germany), Justin Tyler Tate (Canada & USA) Marcel Reyes-Cortez (UK) John Mahon (IRL) Deema Shahin (Jordan), Juls (Singapore), Lee Cheuk Wun (Hong Kong)



二、台北國際藝術村國際人士來訪計畫11名:Mitsu Salmon & Milad Mozari(美國籍)、Qenji Yoshida(日本籍)、Anna Fabricius(匈牙利籍)、Kentaro Taki(日本籍)、Takehiro Iikawa(日本籍)、Yoo & Mathur(韓國及印度籍)、Yotaro Niwa(日本籍)、YUKAWA NAKAYASU(日本籍)、Simone Wierød(丹麥籍)、Amy and Oliver Thomas - Irvine(英國籍)、Kwon kyunghwan(韓國籍)


四、台北國際藝術村–寶藏巖國際人士來訪計畫11名:Jan Lütjohann(德國籍)、Julien Coignet(法國籍)、Hiram Wong(澳洲籍)、Liam Morgan(加拿大籍)、Flaneur Magazine(德國籍)、Justin Tyler Tate(加拿大籍及美國籍)、Marcel Reyes-Cortez(英國籍)、John Mahon(愛爾蘭籍)、Deema Shahin(約旦籍)、Juls(新加坡籍)、Lee Cheuk Wun(香港籍)

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Marcel Reyes - Cortez

Marcel Reyes - Cortez is a Visual Anthropologist living and working in London.

As a visual anthropologist and artist, Marcel’s current research explores the fusion between photographic practice and academic research in an attempt to promote and enrich the collaboration and exchange between them.

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