Bailando con los muertos (Dancing with the dead)

Zapotecos de San Juan Yaeé, Oaxaca, México 2003

. . . “This visual narrative explores one of the many funerary and commemorative practices I came across in the state of Oaxaca on 2003. This photographic narrative together with text illustrates the funerary practices and ritual customs used by mourners of San Juan Yaeé to recall, welcome and commemorate the dead together with the grief and sorrow experienced when a loved one transcends this world to the next.

The collection of photographs explores how the Zapotec people maintain social bonds with their dead, history, memory, culture and the world of their ánimas (spirits) (Reyes-Cortez 2009). The community of San Juan Yaeé practice the Day of the Dead outside the glamorous masquerade that has made it internationally recognisable.

Funerary practices of San Juan Yaeé differ from practices in the lowlands of Oaxaca and even more from the funerary rituals practiced by urban Mexicans or experienced by tourists visiting Oaxaca City. A combination of ethnographic methods and the practice of photography were used to explore people’s mourning activities and their relationships to their dead.” . . .

Artículo multimedia de Marcel Reyes-Cortéz

Revista Sans Soleil

  • Bailando con los muertos (Dancing with the dead)
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