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  • 'Photography and the sociomythic portrait: Extending the bonds between the living and the dead', Раздел 3, pp105-125, from the conference: What do we talk about when we talk photography? At the National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy, 11-13 декабря 2014, ГУ-ВШЭ , Москва, Россия.


  • 'Maintaining the dead in the lives of the living: Material culture and photography in the cemeteries of Mexico City', in Envisaging Death: Visual Culture and Dying, Michele Aaron (edt), pp26-49, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


  • ‘Living with the dead: Cremating and reburying the dead in a megalopolis’, in The presence of the dead in our lives, Nate Hinerman and Julia A Glahn (eds), Vol 82, pp. 139-164, Rodopi, Amsterdam, NY.
  • ‘Dancing with the dead in San Juan Yaeé’, in Relations between Image and Death: Anachronism, presence, absence. Revista Sans Soleil, ISSN (ed. digital): 2014-1874,,, Spain.
  • ‘Extending current boundaries between the private, domestic and public display of mourning, love and visual culture in Mexico City’, in Social History, (May, Routledge), pp. 117-141.
  • ‘Magic and material culture in the cemeteries of a megalopolis’, Visible Religions, in Culture and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal, (March, Routledge), pp. 107-131.


  • ‘Communicating with the Dead: Social Visibility in the Cemeteries of Mexico City’, in Die Realität des Todes: Zum gegenwärtigen Wandel von Totenbildern und Erinnerungskulturen (Visibility of Death) by Dominik Groß, Christoph Schweikardt (Edts), pp.33-62, Frankfurt: Campus Verlag.


  • ‘Bailando con las ánimas de San Juan de Yaye’, in Cuartoscuro. Nov/Dec, Vol 98, pp.32-37, Mexico D.F. 


  • ‘What happens when a language dies? Balaa Xtee Guech Gulal: Shadow of the old town’, in ‘SWINDLE’, issue 13, Death and Fame, USA (photographic essay). 


  • ‘The Lost Path of Waqqa. Art and Culture. An exhibition of photographs by Marcel Reyes- Cortez’, in the New African, London.
  • ‘Drought Without Frontiers’, in Divine Word Missionaries, Vol. XXXVI, Number 2, San Francisco.
  • ‘Lost Path of Waqqa’, in The Photographic Journal. The Royal Photographic Society. Vol 134, number 3, UK.
  • Material culture, magic and the Santa Muerte in the cemeteries of a megalopolis

    Material culture, magic and the Santa Muerte in the cemeteries of a megalopolis

    May 01, 2012
    Abstract “Cemeteries could be regarded as non-social spaces due to a believed negligible amount of daily social activity between the living, the dead and the space. At the same time,…
  • Portraits of Remembrance

    Portraits of Remembrance

    Sep 30, 2007
    Reyes-Cortez on Portraits of Remembrance “When I die, I want to be buried with her. We met at school when she was 15 years old,  and I love her now,…
  • The forgotten dead of a Megalopolis

    The forgotten dead of a Megalopolis

    Sep 09, 2011
    The Social Context of Death, Dying and Disposal,10th International Conference, Sept 2011. Abstract: ‘My grandmother is not a ‘corpse’: The forgotten dead of a Megalopolis’
  • The Waso Booranas

    The Waso Booranas

    Oct 01, 1993
    The Waso Boorana are a nomadic pastoral people that trace their origins from the Oromo people of Ethiopia with a population of about 21,392 (1990) in Isiolo, Kenya. Before the…
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